A building permit is your protection.  It’s your guarantee that whatever the job is, it is safe and has been done to code.  Code provides regulations and safeguards that are used during construction so no one living in it, or visiting it, is injured as a result of how it’s constructed.  If a building inspector from your municipality inspects and signs off on your building project, that means it is safe and legal.

Those approvals go on the record for the future life of your home —

and that’s important for when you need to insure your home, or if you decide to sell.

Building Permits

A building inspector visits the job site at each critical stage of construction.  That’s the law; it’s not an option.  The inspector might have to come to your job site a few times, it all depends on how complex your job is.

Most of these inspections are done to verify construction quality and code compliance before it’s all closed in by walls and floors.  Once approved,  a record will be on file that the job was safely and properly constructed —

and that’s important for your peace of mind as well as for banks, appraisers and insurance companies and future buyers who may need to know this information in the future.

Your project may not require a building permit!

Contact the Town Office for more information before you begin your project.

Even more than the above reasoning,

not acquiring a building permit is a bad idea:


Building Permit Pitfalls

  • It's Illegal - Any improvements and additoons invloving girders, support joists or concrete piers require a building permit.

  • It Leaves Unsafe Loopholes -  Without a building inspector to check the plans and the job site, a disreputable contractor might cut corners.

  • You Could Be Fined -  If a disgruntled neighbour reports you, you could be liable for fines on top of the costs of rebuilding to meet code.

  • Resale Will Create Issues -  If you "beat the system" initially, an illegal project may complicate negotiations when it comes time to sell your home.

A building permit is your protection that the completed project 

has met regulations that ensure

safety, fire regulations

and energy efficiency.

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