Gretna offers low business taxes for existing businesses plus economic incentives for establishing a new business.  Whether free standing structure or out of your own home, Gretna has the demographics and location logistics for your success.

The Town of Gretna offers initiatives that support

existing and future business development.

Of equal importance, Gretna's median age is 28 - which means Gretna has the employee profile necessary to compete in today's marketplace.  In an era that promotes work-life balance, Gretna extends educational, social and cultural lifestyle choices.  All nestled in the backdrop of the fertile Pembina Valley, 1 mile from one of the province's main transportation corridors.

Gretna delivers:  The beauty of a natural setting, proximity to amenities, education and cultural development, access to major transportation corridor, Gretna is a place to live, learn, work and grow.

Our location of one kilometre to the international border with the United States, affords Gretna businesses and  residents diversified opportunities.  

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