"The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists."
- Sam Ewing


The Oakview Golf and Country Club has been serving members and guests since 1953.  This hidden gem in the Pembina Valley is a 9-hole course complete with driving range, pro shop, cart storage,  fully licensed dining facilities and many interesting challenges for golfers to explore.  Set in a lovely oak forest, the course welcomes the novice or the pro.  We welcome you to golf and dine with us!

Oakview Golf and Country Club

Built in 2004, Buhler Hall is an acoustically superior performance and recording venue located in Gretna, Manitoba.  This 463-seat hall has hosted many professional performances, including The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Canzona, Tom Jackson, Manitoba Theatre Centre, and the Winnipeg Chamber Music Society to name a few.

"Winnipeg has nothing like it," said Henry Engbrecht, former University of Manitoba choral professor, in a Winnipeg Free Press report on the opening gala. The $5.5 million facility rivals the best small halls in Western Canada.  An expansive stage projects sound with great clarity and rewards the performer richly by creating an intimate audience-performer experience. 

Buhler Concert Hall

Gretna Hostpot Festival

More than 40 years after Charlie Hayward made his pitch to the Town Council to build a new skating rink on the south end of town, the Gretna Community Arena Committee paid off the last of the loan used to build a new, enclosed arena just south of the Public School. Built in 1976, it took 6 years of hard work and fund raising to pay for the building.


Fast forward to 2000, the Gretna Community Arena Committee embarked upon a $1 million upgrade (half of which was volunteer sweat equity) to the arena infrastructure. With project leadership by John Funk, geo-thermal artificial ice, new hockey boards and glass, four new dressing rooms & a new tractor shed were added to enhance the experience for users. Now the arena enjoys a 5 month ice season uninterrupted by warm spells which formerly threatened the natural ice surface. The arena is home to hockey programs ranging from recreational programs for beginning players through minor & high school hockey on to adult recreational leagues and public skating.

Gretna Arena

In 1874, the North West Mounted Police embarked on an historic trek to bring law and order to Western Canada.  The parade of Peace Officers soon found their journey passing through humble hamlet of Gretna, Manitoba.  After leaving Fort Dufferin (Emerson), their first camp site was two kilometres North of Gretna in a bluff of oak trees where the Oakview Golf Course is now situated.


1999 marked the 125th Anniversary of this historic event and, in tribute, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police re-enacted the march westward once again parading through Gretna.  In commemoration of the historical significance, the Town of Gretna erected an open style "monument" with two gable ends featuring murals depicting N.W.M.P. on horseback.  Centred in a 12' x 16' shelter is an exposed aggregate cairn with two bronze plaques depicting the journey.


The aggregate cairn is crowned with a blacksmith's anvil to commemorate the basis of the Gretna's name.  Established along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1881, Gretna became a customs port two years later.  It was named for Gretna Green in Scotland where it is said runaway couples were married by a blacksmith at his anvil.  The covered structure is also intended to serve as a modest rest shelter for people taking advantage of the Trans Canada trail.

Trans Canada Trail

The Border Lane Shooting Association is yet another example of community involvement making it happen in the Town of Gretna.  The association was formed in 2007 after a number of weapons enthusiasts got together and decided a local range was a necessity.  Once word got out, members were practically lining up to join.

After a few years of legalities and agreements, construction on the range began in 2010.  Built on the back of volunteers, the 300 yard long by 200 yard wide range allows the opportunity to have numerous lanes for various types of weapons practice.  Whether it's long rifles, handguns or even archery.   The Association has plans to introduce shotgun clay pigeon and trap shooting in 2013.

Borderlane Shooting Association

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