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Garbage & Recycling

The Town of Gretna has 2 refuse collector services for your convenience.  Contact your choice for garbage and recycling collection:


Pete's Garbage and Recycle (Gretna)  327-5803
Penner's Waste Collection (Winkler) 331-4825


Additionally, Gretna has a recycle and compost area located on the Town Public Works yard located at the south end of 9th Street.

Composting Area: Located at the back of the site, made obvious by the large piles of grass clipping and tree branches. This area is for tree branches, grass clippings, leaves and plants. It is NOT for tree stumps, concrete, plywood, home renovation waste or construction material.


Recycle Building: Located immediately on the left as you approach the site (has a powered garage door entrance). This structure is for paper products (ie: newspapers, flyers, magazines, telephone directories), broken down or cut up boxboard (eg. cereal boxes, electronic boxes), gable top cartons (eg. milk cartons), aseptic containers (eg. juice boxes), metal food and beverage containers (tin cans and drink cans), plastic bottles (eg. drink bottles), plastic containers (eg. milk and juice jugs), household plastic containers (eg. yogurt tubs, ketchup bottles) and glass containers. It is NOT for styrofoam, household garbage, plastic tables and chairs, plastic inflatable devices, construction materials.


Please note that ALL recyclable items MUST BE BAGGED otherwise they are not collected and end up directly in the land fill.  Any person or persons caught depositing garbage or waste not designated for the 2 sites will be fined $200.00 for littering within the Town limits.

Littering Facts

Where does most litter come from?
Motorists and pedestrians are responsible for creating between 30 and 50 per cent of all litter.  The rest comes from household or commercial garbage, construction sites, loading and delivery areas, and uncovered trucks.  Garbage that is not properly disposed of is easily blown by the wind, spreading litter to neighbouring areas.


A little litter creates a lot!
It is a well-known fact that people are more likely to litter in an area that has already been spoiled by litter than in a litter-free area.

Why do people litter?
People litter because they feel no sense of personal ownership for the area they are spoiling.  For example, most people would never think of throwing a gum wrapper on their living room floor. But the same people may not think twice about dropping litter in a park, sidewalk or parking lot.

What are some of the impacts of littering?
Litter destroys the beauty of a community.  It is a breeding ground for fire and disease and can cause injury or death to pets and wild animals.  Litter also invites theft and damage, and creates safety hazards.  Litter also impacts property values and discourage economic development as businesses will not locate in a community that lacks the pride to effectively control litter.

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