The Town of Gretna offers

amenities and opportunities encouraging residents to collaborate in making Gretna

a safe, healthy

and friendly community. 

In this section, we offer helpful information to make your move to Gretna straightforward and pleasant .

The above guide is a reference for new residents of Gretna!  It contains a list of services, important phone numbers and frequently asked questions.

Welcome New Residents!

The above guide is a reference for anyone wanting to build a new home in Gretna.  It contains helpful tips and guidelines to assist with your new home development.

Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured.  We offer a brief guide with tips to ease the process.

The above is a complimentary package of coupons and information to help you get to know the businesses and services in the area.

New citizens, New-borns and Newly-weds​!

Sound like you?  Contact the Welcome Program:

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